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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

This episode is the first of a four part interview with Robert Garner of Thai Massage Jam, and Robert Gardner Wellness. This interview had previously been locked away as a private bonus for students for one of my massage marketing courses, but after a few years I felt it should be heard by all.

Although the interview was recorded previously, in the information is still extremely relevant in today’s landscape of building a successful massage business. Enjoy!

What To Listen For

  • How Robert became involved in the world of massage & bodywork after being involved in a car accident
  • Why Robert become deeper involved in mat based bodywork
  • How he overcame his marketing challenge, and educated people and attract clients for mat based bodywork & thai massage
  • Why he relies so heavily on video marketing & social media
  • How he built his business in the early days while still working in a chiropractors office
  • How the general population responded to his new methods of marketing & presenting bodywork
  • The best ways for massage therapists to make more money
  • The main challenge therapists must overcome to successfully build their business
  • How massage therapists can “win” against large brands like Massage Envy
  • The biggest leverage point massage therapists have with social media.
  • Where massage schools is failing massage therapists

About This Guest

Robert Gardner is a licensed Thai massage instructor, therapist and yoga teacher in Austin, Texas.

He came to this work after being in a drunk driving accident in college. He was a healthy, vibrant 22 year old who turned into someone who was severely depressed and in pain for years with no relief due to one tourist’s decision to get behind the wheel. He found no help from the traditional medical establishment in his home state of Louisiana and promptly dropped out of school. Working at a health food store trying to regain his health He discovered massage and went to massage school where his healing process really began.

Robert primarily use Thai massage, yoga therapy and lead yoga classes to help my clients and students. He’s been practicing the healing arts for twelve years and is here to help to assist and educate people to stimulate their own healing.

Learn more about Robert and connect with him at or on Facebook.