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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

Jessica is a self employed massage therapist based out of Houston, TX and a graduate of the 90 Day Sprint Program. Before joining the program, she was in a place of trial and struggle. Not only was her massage business only seeing a few clients per week, but she had faced massive loss and disaster in her personal life. 
Although she had never done any sort of marketing or coaching program before, Jessica knew it was time for a change in her life. After practicing massage for over 10 years, she knew she wanted more control of her schedule, her income and her life, which led her to joining the 90 Day Sprint Program.
After joining the program, she was able to change her mindset, narrow down her practice focus, and increase her client base to a consistent 15-25 per week. Through the lessons and exercises she completed not only did she increase her private clients, but she was also able to land contracts with other businesses and events.
Inside this Episode We Cover
  1. Jessica's life & struggles prior to joining the 90 Day Sprint
  2. The most valuable lesson she learned inside of the program
  3. Why she joined the sprint even though she's never done a marketing or coaching program before
  4. How she grew from a handful of clients per week, to 15-25 consistently
  5. Jessica's #1 Success Tip For Struggling Massage Therapists
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