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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Nov 21, 2022

In today's episode, I'll be sitting down to speak with Sierra Werner and Rachael Reid, Co-Owners of Simply Therapeutic Massage in Nashville, Tennessee.


They’re proudly a women-created & owned massage studio focused on personalized therapeutic bodywork to uplift you to your best self.  What really stands out is how fast they’ve grown, now to over 10 practitioners, and a premier massage & wellness studio while only opening their doors in 2020.


While you often find Rachel in the massage room with her own private clients, Sierra takes on the role of studio manager and can often be found behind the scenes helping the business run smoothly.


In this episode, they share what it’s like to be co-owners and co-founders, how the roles and responsibilities are divided, how they use networking and get to be “friends” with other businesses in their area and we also talked about their mindset towards choosing the best people for their business.



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