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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Apr 10, 2023

Kelly Scott is an inspirational leader and a successful entrepreneur. She is the director and co-owner of Healing Arts, a yoga studio she co-owns with a former client/student and friend.

Prior to her involvement in the studio, it was run solely by its owner who was overwhelmed by managing it all.

Kelly's determination and passion for yoga have enabled her to not only help the studio become more successful but also create an environment where people can find healing through yoga.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How did she become a co-owner of a pre-existing business

  • How did they overcome the challenges of transitioning from being an old client and friend to becoming co-owners

  • Their approach of getting a team of subcontractor therapists

  • What is ‘Wellness Travel’

  • The Importance of Wellness Travel

  • The Positive Impact of Being a "Healed" Therapist

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