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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Apr 18, 2023

Tracey Morris is a licensed massage therapist & esthetician, a Certified ScarWorker and Bone Fascia Therapist, and the proud proprietor of Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Spa, a spa found in LaPlata, Maryland that prides itself on offering an organic and plant-based approach to massage and wellness treatments. 

There, clients can enjoy a variety of exceptional massage and wellness services that use only natural products for their therapies, allowing them to experience the highest level of relaxation while being surrounded by nature's gifts.

Since she was 18 years old, Tracey has been a massage therapist and resided in England. She has been working in her profession since 1997.

Despite the struggles that she faced for the first few years, she eventually figured out what it was that she wanted to do with her life and career. She put together a team of 5 independent contractors and from then on, she was able to build the life and career that she had always dreamed of for herself as well as for her team.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Why did she decide to have a team of all independent contractors

  • How does she manage a team of independent contractors

  • The ideal marketing for independent contractors

  • The advantages of having a team of independent contractors


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