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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Apr 24, 2023

DeAnn Larson is the proud proprietor of Tree of Life Therapeutic Massage & Spa, a wellness practice focused on therapeutic-based services in Plymouth, Minnesota.

The team has grown from 4 to 13 members, providing a wide range of massage therapy services from light craniosacral work to deep tissue massage. Clients can avail of an array of services, like aestheticians, acupuncturists, and nutrition coaches, that cater to their requirements.

Despite struggling with dyslexia and learning disabilities, she was successful thanks to her excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

At 16, she was involved in a car accident which then led her to try out chiropractic and massage. This inspired a career switch from medical assisting to other areas, resulting in her pursuing this field for a few years.


In this episode, we will be diving into:

  • What challenges did she face in balancing her personal and business life despite her health issues

  • How does she maintain a healthy and active lifestyle for her business practitioners

  • How she successfully built her ideal ‘team atmosphere’

  • How to deal with bad hires

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