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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

May 11, 2023

“When selling time, once that time passes, you’ll never get to sell it again.”

“ You can’t put a price on people talking about you.“


In this episode, we have Robert Norberciak! He took over a day spa that was making about $5 thousand a month that he grew to $75k a month in 3 years before he sold it. He has shared amazing advice on getting Groupon clients, rebooking clients, and what it takes to grow.


What to Expect in this episode:

  • Robert's early years
  • The Beginnings with Mozaik Skin & Body
  • Strategies with Groupons
  • Steps he took to get people coming back.
  • The important numbers in business.
  • Creating the habit to rebook
  • Understanding how to retain clients.
  • Unlocking the emotional reasoning of clients.
  • How Robert became so successful with Groupons, Gift Cards, and Gift Packages
  • His experience with Google Ads.
  • Putting in the extra work.



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