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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

Savanna Bell is a Licensed Massage Therapist based out of Morristown, TN, as well as the owner and founder of My Massage World.
My Massage World started as Savanna just wanted to teach a few CE classes here and there. Life had different plans and a lot of blessings which has caused My Massage World to grow into a business, and community larger than ever intended.
With CE students who returned again and again for classes were seeking things beyond just some CE hours. Over time that became her driving force to develop, not just a continuing education company, but also expand into a high-quality, realistically useful resource center for massage therapists across the US, which she does so today.
Inside this interview we dive into:
  1.  How she got started in massage
  2.  Failing miserably at the beginning and what she learned the 2nd time around
  3.  Her expert tactic to build her network and attract her ideal clients
  4.  The resources that helped her most when growing her practice
  5.  How she gives back the massage community through My Massage World
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