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The Scaling Wellness Podcast

Nov 14, 2022

Are you considering hiring your first massage employees? Or wondering how to best manage and grow with your small team?


For over 12 years, Amanda Coyne has been a massage therapist helping clients to get better in their health and wellness through her business, Massage Rehab. 


Originally founded in 2019, together with her team of 5 practitioners, and over 37 combined years of training, Massage Rehab is one the leaders in bodywork in Fowlerville, Michigan.


They’re a goal-oriented practice, aimed at gaining therapeutic results, and excelling at helping people feel better, and doing so at an affordable price.3


In this episode, we talked about Amanda’s journey in growing the practice beyond herself, and what it’s like to run and operate a business with a small team, and she also shares how she saved up to thousands of dollars by avoiding this one thing in her business. 




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